I have for you today all 11 arches for TS4, recolored in 30 colors each. 
I was tired of the same 2-4 colors that the game gives you for arches so I decided why not just recolor them all. Two arches are not pictured, but are also included in the download. :) Enjoy!

  • Arch with Keystone -$280
  • Keystone-Style Arch -$50
  • Narrow Mission-Style Arch -$180
  • Mission-style Arch -$270
  • Arch You Happy to See Me? -$225
  • Prairie-Style Entry Frame -$230
  • Trabeated Entry Frame -$210
  • Wide Entry Frame -$220
  • Narrow Post and Lintel Frame -$80
  • Simple Post and Lintel Frame -$85
  • Prairie Post and Lintel Knockoff -$185
** Base Game Required **

This is a standalone item, and will not override any other items.

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