Decades - Sectional Seating

As requested by @cherryicecreamsims I have converted the items from Sims 3 70′s 80′s 90′s Stuff for Sims 4.  Next up, we have the Sectional Seating Set. Included are 6 living chairs and 1 coffee table. I have added tons of slots to the coffee table for all your clutter needs. 
You will need to have ‘bb.moveobjects on’ cheat when placing the chairs to make them connect. 
There are two flavors, you can choose your favorite or install them both. Enjoy!  
- Comes in two flavors: Black w/ Color & White w/ Color -
- Comes in: 30 Srsly Colors  -

Base Game Required  ♦
Standalone - it will not override any other item