Decluttered & Slotted Display Shelf & Food Cases

What do we want? MORE SLOTS! How do we want it? ON EVERYTHING!

Here you have my version of the Baker’s Dozen Display Case, Frigidaire Refrigerated Display, and the Tower of Treats Display Shelves decluttered and tons of slots added!

So you can add as many items that can fit on each one of these displays! 
Everything is also recolored in my 30 color pallet.

There is also two flavors: Black with color, and White with color. 
Both flavors are merged in each package. 

** Get to Work Required **

This is a standalone item, it will not override any other items.


  1. Hi! I'm a tab confused... I downloaded the mods, and they appeared in Buy Mode, but I need to know how they work... Like, how do I put objects in there? Could you help me?

    1. You would just drag items to place on it, just like regular shelves/counters/etc. If you toggle on the moveobjects cheat there is about 300 slots in each.


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