Frontier Finds Living Room Set

As requested by @trstmeimaliar, here is the Frontier Finds Sims 3 set converted to the Sims 4! 
Each item comes in maxis match neutral wood color, and the chair, sofa, and love seat also come in my 30 color pallet! The fireplace also got a makeover, with its original stone color, and 11 more sims 4 maxis match stones! I have also added slots to the fireplace mantel as well as the top of the bookshelf. Enjoy!

** Base Game Required **

Items included in the .Zip:
  • Bearly on Time Clock
  • Cactus Planter
  • Cast Iron Skillet Wall Sculpture
  • Desert Designs Coffee Table
  • Desert Designs Soda
  • Flowers in a Jug
  • Full Force Firewood
  • Reputposed Computer Desk
  • River Rock Fireplace
  • Rough Rodeo Table Sculpture
  • Tree Saw Wall Sculpture
  • Weezul’s Wicker Desk Chair
  • Wicker is Love Loveseat
  • Woodland Wear Bookshelf
This is a standalone item, it will not override any other items.

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