Little Goth Bedroom Set

I have for you today The Little Goth bedroom set, for all your little ghost and ghouls! 
As requested by lexiconluthor
The bed was the first object CC I created, it has been remade and seperated into two parts.
 You must have the mesh by LexiconLuthor for that item.
I was asked to finish off the set, so here you have it! Enjoy! 

** Base Game Required **

  • Desk - §325
  • Desk Chair - §30
  • Bookshelf - §135
  • **Bed Frame - §100
  • **Bed Mattress - §1
  • Nightstand - §45
  • Dresser - §325
  • Toy Chest -§200
This is a standalone item, and will not override any other items.

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