Mistress PVC Set

I received a request from sagg1 to make pvc gloves and boots so I thought why not make an entire set. Included in the set are two corsets, one with my x tape pasties and the other is bare chested. 
A matching g-string, long pvc boots, long pvc gloves, and a satin blindfold.
  • For Teen - Elder Females
  • Corset X | Corset Bare | G-String | Boots | Gloves | Blindfold
** Base Game Required **

This is a standalone item, and will not override any other items.

MESH NOT INCLUDED: You will need two meshes. One for the Boots by Sentate found HERE
the other for the Blindfold by Ajjeil found HERE. (The blindfold once unziped is the Nose version.)

Update 3-19-18 : As of right now the blindfold is no longer available for download by the original creator, until they bring it back please removed that .package file from the zip before installing them in your game. Or you will have an item with a missing mesh.


  1. Is there another available link for the blindfolds? The link is no longer working so I'm not sure if the person changed their link.. oorrr .. but I searched for it and there was a new site but the link to the dropbox didn't work either. x.x

    1. Sadly, the original creator removed their downloads and it is lost forever. I have not been able to find it myself in years. :<


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