Prehistoric Rock Easel

Just another item for the History Challenge. 
I hated seeing an out of date easel in the Prehistoric Era. 
So I created my own! 
To the normal eyes, it is a simple rock. 
To your caveman sims, its the perfect painting spot! 

** Base Game Required **

This is a standalone item, it will not override any other items.


  1. This looks seriously awesome! I've bookmarked this on my Pinterest page and downloaded the file!

  2. this is awesome! great job! ^^

  3. Is this still working? It will not work for me in game. I click on the rock and there is no option to paint.

    1. Yes, this object is still working. Be sure you do not have any mods that override the EA easel. I am not sure why you would not see the menus, but I can confirm it is 100% working.