Srslys Blank Save

 I keep getting asks about the blank world that I use. 
So I figured I would package it all up and share it with all of you!
 I created this save mostly for Challenges and Build projects.
 So you can just plop this save, and start building.

NOTE: I use "Zerbu's Venue Changes Mod" to set all lots to residential.
If you want to add back special lots, you will want to grab it too! :)

Worlds Included:

  • Newcrest
  • Granite Falls
  • Willow Creek
  • Windenburg
  • Magnolia Promenade
  • Oasis Springs
  • San Myshuno
  • Forgotten Hollow
  • Brindleton Bay 
  • Selvadorada
  • Del Sol Valley
  • Strangerville
  • Sulani
  • Glimmerbrook + Magic Realm
  • Britechester
  • Evergreen Harbor

About The Save

  • All EA residential & destination worlds bulldozed!
  • All EA original lot names are the same!
  • My SimSelf, found in played households. (Not placed on lot)
  • Optional Files to pick and choose EA lots/households


Download and Unzip the file
Navigate to your My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Saves
Drag and drop the file located in the Zip into the Saves folder
Start up your game, and select the save file.

If you have any issues or questions please feel free to contact me.

Optional - EA Lots & Households

So I noticed that a few people wanted specific lots still included in the save. Instead of making a new save version for each request I have saved all the tray files individually for all the EA placed lots and households! You can now pick and choose items you want to use.
NOTE: These are not save files, they are tray files. They belong in your The Sims 4 "Tray" Folder.

Download at SimFileShare - EA Residential & Commercial Lots
Download at SimFileShareEA Households


  1. When i click download it doesnt downloadas a .zip file, should it?

    1. Yes by clicking on either the MEGA or SimsFileShare links should direct you to those download sites. Then download a rar called "Srslys Blank Save v5 .rar" or "
      SrslySims_EmptySave(NOSIMS) .rar" depending on which version you are downloading. If you still have issues, please feel free to contact me directly.

  2. Can you make an all bulldozed but leave career lots? they're a hastle to get to sometimes ^^ Thanks!

    1. Yes I can make a version with the career lots :) I will be able to do this next week, when I am back home. So stay tuned!

  3. The rar file won't open it says the archive is either in unknown format or damaged

    1. If you are using .7zip try using winrar instead. This happens from time to time for those that use the opposite program. As I use winrar to package all of my files. If you continue to have issues message me directly (Contact Form) and I will see what I can do.

  4. Finally, this is cool. If only we could get rid of the strangerville mother plant, then we wouldn't have to play it over and over.

    1. Check out StrangerVille Story Toggle Mod by TwistedMexi!

    2. You can also make complete the story on one sim and use the save as button to make it a mastersave so you can just load up that one when you start a new file

  5. Oh Yah! That's so cool thank you for pointing the way.

  6. PS I don't know how you might have bulldozed the GTW careers like the Police Station, but that is some trick. How would I even put those back? And also If those lots are bulldozed does the rabbit hole version of those careers stay intact?

    1. I used Zerbu's Venue Changes mod to bulldoze all of the lots. You can find all EA lots and downloads under the "Optional" files section, then going into the "Get to Work" lots. Download them and unzip, place in your tray folder. :)

  7. Yay you already have IL blank save. You are fast. I was able to get all the island lots except for ohana li beach? says bad error. I got the gtw career lots too! Thanks for that! Now let's see if I can use your save to make IL with all the lots plus GTW careers and that's it. I really want nothing but that a save with the base game worlds and only IL lots. Thanks to you, I might pull it off. :)

  8. When will you upload a save with the career lots???

    1. I will not be uploading the save with the career lots. You can find every single EA lot including the Career Lots in the Optional EA lots on this post. Just download the try for the lots you want, put them in your Tray folder, then place them back in your world.

  9. Thank you so much! I need a clean save. I grabbed the Empty Save. Is it possible to package the households trays as one zip and the lot trays as one zip for those that want to download everything? If it will be too big maybe do them by world? I want them all and clicking each one has gotten old. Occasionally I go to grab an EA family only to find that they disappeared from my game, happened with two of the Britchester people in one of the families, probably the elders due to MCCC. I haven't found the retirement home they are sent to (LOL)! This will allow me to put them back as well as any EA lots I screw up!

  10. Are teh secret lots and lots for the Selvadorada temples blank too? Mainly asking so I know I need to add anything for Selvadorada if I want to play through the temple.

    1. No I did not bulldoze the temples because I thought those might be to much for others to try to re-create or assemble. All other lots have been bulldozed and set to residential tho.

  11. whats the difference between a save and a tray?

    1. A save goes in the save folder, tray files go in the tray folder. Both of these folders are found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4" They are 2 different types of files.

      Saves being an actual save game.
      Tray files being lots/households that are found in the "My Library" part of the gallery.


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