Technophobe No More Living Room Set

This was my absolute favorite living room furniture in Sims 3, so I just had to convert it to Sims 4. 
All together you have 10 items.
 This includes: Sofa, Love seat, Chair, End Table, and Coffee Table. 
I edited the love seat mesh to make a chair to match, and I also edited the end table to add a coffee table as these items were not in the original TS3 set. 
There is two flavors included. One black one white, they are in separate packages so you can pick your favorite or even use them both! 
They will not override each other! 
Everything also comes in my 30 color pallet. Enjoy!

** Base Game Required **

This is a standalone item, it will not override any other items.


  1. I downloaded this set and the chairs can be placed with no issue but for the couch and loveseat I get an error and they disappear.

    1. These are old items, which will need to be batched fixed for the newer game patches. There is a how-to guide on batch fixing under the Tutorial section. :)


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