Xtra Chokers

As my St. Patricks Day gift, I thought I would finally finish my retextures of ladyhayny​‘s amazing ‘Xtra Chokers’, they come in 30 colors. 
These were made for Males and Females! 
You do not need the original for these to show up in your game, meshes are included.
Looking for the original by LadyHayny? Female / Male

There is a slight clipping Issue with maxed ‘Muscle / Fat’ sims, The male mesh has been edited from hayny’s original to bring down some of this clipping but it is still not completely gone.
Update 7/17/16 - Custom thumb added, updated to 30 color srsly pallet, enabled for feminine & masculine frame.
** Base Game Required **

 This is a standalone item, and will not override any other items.