My First Pet Stuff - Pet - Recolors

Now that I have my color palette updated, I decided to finally start a new project. 
Here you have the second set of items in the 'Recolor the World project'.

Next up we have all of the pets related items from My First Pet Stuff! 
Includes 13 items total. 11 are pictured, the 3 that are not are just the other “rodent terrariums” which look exactly like the one that is pictured.

All of the items have their original swatches + 30 recolors.

All surface items have tons of slots added for all you clutter needs! 
Slots added to: End Table, Desk, Bookshelf, Coffee Table, Activity Desk

Override - These items will override the existing EA items



  1. Hi Lovely, is the download supposed to link to this file name: Sp14_myfirstpetstuff_kids? I looked through the file and it seems to be the wrong one, i am tired so i could be wrong :) Btw, thank you immensely for your wonderful recolors <3

    1. Woopsie! I mixed up the links. The fixed link is now up for SP14_myfirstpetstuff_PETS.rar :)

    2. Thank you! Really apprciate your effort 😊


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