Alchemist Life Stuff

This is the my third gift for Simblreen 2018! 
Here you have 7 new items converted from World of Warcraft to The Sims 4.

You have a new functional stove/oven, with many decor slots on top. A steamy little decor cauldron. Four potion bottles, and a default replacement herbalist pot.

Items included in this set: 

Alchemist Stove - Large Appliances - Base Game
Little Cauldron - Misc. Decor - Base Game
Potion Bottle Long - Misc. Decor - Base Game
Potion Bottle X - Misc Decor - Base Game
Potion Bottle XX - Misc Decor - Base Game
Potion Bottle Sand - Misc. Decor - Base Game 
Herbalist Cauldron - Default Replacement - Outdoor Retreat

NOTE: The Herbalist Cauldron is a default replacement. This single item will override the pot you use when cooking an Herbalism potion from Outdoor Retreat. It will not override any other pots.
If you do not own Outdoor Retreat, do NOT install the Herbalist Cauldron.

Base Game Required Outdoor Retreat Required 

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! I hope you make more WoW conversions!! <3


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