Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul

I created Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul to make all of the cooking in the game to be more immersive and realistic. To me, cooking was very boring. I missed having to actually shop for my groceries and needing to think about what my Sim could afford. That is exactly what this mod does.

Current Version of SCCO: 1.5.5

Main Mod Requires Get to Work! All other packs have optional files.

Grocery Shopping

With this mod, you are able to shop for groceries in The Sims 4. 
You can purchase everything you would ever need for cooking with ease.

New "Shop for Groceries" Interaction found on:

- Mobile Phone (Child-Elder)
- All Computers
- The "Slablet" Tablet
- All Cash Registers (Get to Work*)

Buying Cooking Ingredients

Not only do you have to cook with many different EA ingredients, but you also have 18 new maxis match ingredients that are required for most dishes. When you are shopping you can decide what you want quickly by picking directly from an easy sort menu.

NOTE: If you use Custom Harvestables by IceMunMun, Lenaid, KingZace, or BrazenLotus they will show up under their specific sort tag while shopping for groceries.

New Custom Ingredients

All of the new ingredients can be bought by clicking on the "Purchase Cooking Ingredients" bubble when shopping for groceries. Most of the new ingredients when bought are in a package form. Just like you would buy from a real grocery store. I decided to package everything to bring more immersion into the actual grocery aspect of the mod. Since you would not go to the store and just buy one egg. Not only are the packages more aesthetically pleasing when decorating your own grocery stores, but your Sims will actually save some Simoleons by buying packaged ingredients over single ingredients.

(*Coffee and Tea Ingredients)

(*Snack Ingredients)

You will need to open the packaged ingredients before cooking
Each packaged items will give you 3-8 of the single ingredient once opened.
You can open packaged ingredients by clicking on them in the world or in your Sims Inventory.

New Ingredients List:
- Pork
- Poultry
- Red Meat
- Tofu
- Shrimp
- Milk
- Butter
- Cheese
- Eggs
- Flour
- Dough
- Bread
- Pasta
- Sugar
- Oil
- Flavor Extract
- Popcorn Kernels
- Marshmallow
- Coffee Bags (x4 Types)
- Tea Bags (x8 Types)

All new ingredients are Base Game Compatible.
Most of the packaged ingredients also have a single small slot on top so they can be stacked. 
(Example: Meat Packages in the photo above).

Some single ingredients can be eaten by Sims raw. 
But be careful, some things are not meant to be eaten uncooked. You might just get sick.

EA Recipes Overhauls and Changes

I have changed all EA recipes to make them more realistic. So now you will need to use more of the EA harvestables as well as my new ingredients to cook all dishes. All packs that have added new recipes have been altered. I will continue to add new recipes upgrades as new packs are released.

NOTE: At this time I will not be making a "Ingredients 100% required version" as this breaks EA Bulters, Catering, Baristas, and Bartenders.

I have made recipe changes to all:

- Cooking
- Gourmet Cooking
- Baking
- Grilled Food
- Campfire (Outdoor Retreat)
- Grand Meals (Seasons)
- Ice Cream Machine (Cool Kitchen Stuff)
- Popcorn Machine (Movie Hangout Stuff)
- Coffee Maker
- Tea Maker
- Espresso Machine (Get Together)
- Fridge/Microwave Snacks

Desserts as Baking

All desserts that were once found under cooking are now in the baking menu like they should be.
Any items that were not desserts that were in baking found a new home in the cook menu.
All of the items that had a category change also now give skill gain for their new category.
(ie. Cakes that are in baking now give baking skill exp.)

All cakes/pies/cookies (desserts) require the Baking Skill, not Cooking Skill

Additional Serving Sizes

All EA recipes now have a Small (1), Medium (4), and Large (8) serving size.
Including Desserts, Experimental Food, Market Stall Taste First Foods and more.
Ice cream now also has the default Large (8) carton size, and now a Medium (4) pint size!

Expanded Recipes

I have moved all of the recipes that are made using custom objects, such as the Cupcake Machine items to the oven. So you will now be able to make all of these items without that large machine.

You can also cook all EA pizza's that can be delivered from home. by using the new recipes that are found under the "Cook" menu on any Stove/Fridge.

With Island Living, we were given a new item called the "BBQ Pit". It is neat, but not always practical for everyday use. So I have expanded the recipes to be made on any normal grill.

Taste First Cookbooks

● Cookbook: Cultural Recipes - Teaches all City Living Taste First Foods
● Cookbook: Experimental Recipes - Teaches all Dine Out Taste First Foods
● Cookbook: Jungle Recipes - Teaches all Jungle Adventure Taste First Foods
● Cookbook: Seafood Recipes - Teaches all Cats & Dogs Taste First Foods

You can purchase these cookbooks from any bookshelf, computer, or anywhere else books are sold. They are each §200 and will teach you every recipe for that game pack that is "taste first" locked.

But what are "Taste First Recipes"?

These are recipes that can only be learned by eating them. You would have to go to the location that the recipe was sold and taste the dish before you were able to cook it at home.

NOTE: These cookbooks must be read from your sims inventory. 
The interaction menu on the bookshelf to "Read" will not work.

Tag & Price Adjustments

There are 2 files included in SCCO for these adjustments. You will need to choose ONE!
Read below for the detailed information between these two files.

What are Tag Adjustments?

Tag adjustments will allow you to be able to purchase harvestable items that EA did not tag as purchasable from a vendor. Such as garlic, honey, and spice market spices. It also fixes some EA double tags, where one item is tagged for both fruit and veggie. As well as things showing up under incorrect tags, like spinach showing under flowers.

What are Tag & Price Adjustments?

Tag & Price Adjustments give you all of the tag changes mentioned above and change the purchase price for all EA harvestables. Including all fish, flowers, veggies, fruits, and herbs! This way all of the EA prices are closer to the price of SCCO ingredients and more realistic.

Full list of Price Adjustments can be found here

Recipe Crafting Cost and Ingredient Costs

What is a crafting cost? Crafting cost is the price you pay to create the dish. Think of this as misc. ingredients your Sim might use to cook with that aren't required.

All serving sizes now have a set crafting cost:

This means if you have all of the "Required Ingredients" for a dish.
It will only cost you §5-§15 depending on the serving size you create.

You can craft most foods without the required ingredients, but this will cost you more.
You are charged an extra §3 if you do not have the "Required Ingredients"
So in total, you will end up paying the Crafting Cost + Ingredient Cost + §3

Crafting Costs by Serving Size (Small | Medium | Large):

SCCO Custom Food Menus (Added in 1.5.0)

Above are all of the menus found on the fridge and stove. The "Make Custom" menu however can be found on every object used to craft a drink or food item.

List of New Menus:
- Coffee*
- Tea*
- Espresso* 
- Ice Cream
- Popcorn
- Healthy Snacks*
- Junk Food Snacks* 
- Homestyle*
- Baking
- Gourmet
- Grand Meal
- Vampire Meal
- Alien Meal
- Mermaid Meal* 
- Vegetarian
- Grilled Food
- Microwaved Food
- Bar Drinks
- Globe Bar Drinks
- Campfire 
- Cauldron

NOTE: Most of these menus are blank. They do not have recipes listed! These menus will be populated with new recipes at a later date. There are many recipes coming.
Menus with a * currently have custom recipes by myself or others.


Custom Recipes by Others: (NOT INCLUDED)

Slices of Starfruit - Healthy Snack - By KingZace

Custom Harvestables Required: (NOT INCLUDED)

Arabica Coffee Beans - By KingZace
Robusta Coffee Beans - By KingZace
Tea Leaves - By KingZace
Hibiscus Flower - By KingZace

Mod Compatibility Information

Compatible with all Icemunmun, KingZace, and BrazenLotus Harvestables

If you use any of their custom harvestables, they will be available for purchase under the grocery shopping menus in SCCO. If the creators above release a new harvestable, it will be added on the next official release of Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul.

Compatible with Custom Recipes

If you use either of the following mods that add custom recipes by new interactions:
Custom Food Interactions by TheFoodGroup or Crafting Enabler by Andrew

Not Compatible Mods

GreyCurse Cooking Overhaul
LittleMissSam More Experimental Foods
LittleMissSam More Seafood Servings
LittleMissSam More Servings Options & Better MealTime Menus
ScarletQueenCat No/All Required Recipe Ingredients

Or any mod that alters/overrides these tuning values:

Link here to SpreadSheet with all ID's and More Information

If you use any other mods for anything to do with changes to EA cooking, they are most likely not compatible with Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul.

If you use my "Desserts as Baking" mod or "Shop for Groceries" REMOVE THEM.
As both of these mods are included in SCCO.


Are you interested in translating SCCO or any of my other mods? Come join my Discord!

- English
- French (Provided by MaiaGame911)
- Russian (Provided by Origamika)
- Portuguese BR (Provided by PurpleFlame)
- Korean (Download Here by WwindyStar)
- German (Provided by Nightlock)

How to Install

Download the .zip file.
Unzip the file using 7-Zip or WinRAR
You should now have a folder called: SCCO_(version #)
Move the SCCO folder directly to your Documents/The Sims 4/Mods folder.

Note: If you are missing any of the following packs, please go inside the SCCO folder and find the 'Recipe" folder. Remove any recipes for packs you are missing. If you have all packs installed ignore this note, and leave all recipes.

Get to Work - City Living - Cats & Dogs - Seasons
Outdoor Retreat - Spa Day - Dine Out - Vampires - Parenthood - Jungle Adventure
Luxury Party Stuff - Spooky Stuff - Movie Hangout Stuff - Cool Kitchen Stuff


You can find the most recent changes and updates to the public version of SCCO here.
You can find the most recent public post with more info on the most recent version here.



If you are interested in the development of this mod, or any of my creations.
Come join my new Discord! Come see new content, chat, updates, report bugs. get help, and more!


  1. What level in baking skill does my sim have to be to make strawberry cake?

    1. Skill level 2, just as it was before. But you need level 2 in the Baking Skill not Homestyle Cooking.

  2. I hope you could discuss with LMS so you might include More Servings Options in your mod. I do want to have both functions :P

    1. SCCO will eventually offer more serving options in the future. :) It is on the to-do list. Stay tuned!

  3. I love this mod. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  4. So if I can read, this means that the mod that allows you to bake cupcake machine items in the oven will conflict with this mod?

    1. Correct! As that is already included in this mod. :)

  5. Looks lovely.. going to have to keep up with this.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  8. This is a great mod, thank you for this! I love cooking in the sims and this will be amazing to use.

  9. I used to use Graycurse's overhaul... but this seems much more extensive and useful! (And I won't have sims bugging out over grilling because they're out of 'cooking meat'...) I'm also so happy that it's compatible with Icemunmun's harvestables, Brazenlotus's harvestables, and KingZace's harvestables.

    Thanks for a great mod!

  10. This is fantastic! I've been using it in one of my rotational saves, and moving from a family that has more money to one that doesn't definitely shows in what they can afford to make. Love the immersion that brings! <3 <3 And since it's compatible with Icemunmun and BrazenLotus I have all kinds of varieties and recipes to cook :)

  11. I absolute love using this mod in my game. Thanks so much for creating and updating such a wonderful addition to the Sims 4!!

  12. This is just way to amazing!!!!

  13. I think it would be really good if you chnaged the price off the Maxis ingredients, so they are much cheaper. Coz some of them are ridiculously over priced. Like an onion for $29!

  14. Does this conflict with itsmysimmod's online utility system?

    1. No it does not conflict. It is 100% compatible.

  15. Hi there, I'm just wondering how this interacts with Icemunmun's recipe overrides for their vanilla and cocoa bean harvestables?

    1. Yes it dose conflict with the EA recipe overrides by Icymunmun. Any mod that changes anything about the EA recipes directly will be incompatible. Custom recipes and harvestables however are compatible.

    2. Does LittleMsSam's Ask to Cook mod interfere with this one? I ask because I'm not sure if it changes the recipes/menus or not.

    3. Yes littleMsSam "Ask to Cook Mod" is compatible! :) If you are even unsure you can check the #SCCO_FAQ in my Discord. All known incompatible mods are listed.

    4. Hmm right after I asked this question I opened the game and some City Living recipes were missing ingredients. I took out Ask to Cook, and they came back, and disappeared again when I added it back in.

    5. I have not used the mod in quite a while, but if you come to my discord and can report some of the issues you are having between the two I can look into a compatibility patch.

  16. I use Coolspear's 99 servings and 7 day freshness mod. I assume those will conflict with your mod but is there anyway you could release those cooking ingredients as decor items? They are absolutely great and I would love to have them to liven up my kitchen and grocery store please and thank you. <3 If not I completely understand!

    1. Actually my mod does no alter the resources that are included in coolspears 99 servings or 8 day freshness. So they should be compatible with SCCO.

    2. Oh wow I figured it would but then again I did not compare the XML's. Thank you so so much for replying and making this awesome mod!

  17. Wow... thanks so much for this! One of my gripes from this game was not being able to shop for groceries like in TS2... I always try to keep fresh harvestables in my Sims' fridges but it gets tedious either having them all garden, or going to the produce kiosk. This is beyond perfect and I am excited to go build my Sims a grocery store!

  18. It looks amazing! Can I just check if it's compatible with icemunmun's chicken coop and the eggs that come with that?

    1. Icy's eggs at this time will not work for the EA recipe overrides. But they are compatible and will not cause a conflict with the mod. Just, you have to use the eggs that come with the mod. There will be a customs compatibility patch for the EA ingredients at a later time.

  19. I LOVE THIS MOD, I still wish for a required ingredients option. That would make the game so realistic. The other mods are not as nice as this one so I´m still hoping that the required ingredients option will be added some day. Keep up the good work!

  20. Do I just need Icemunmun's recipes, or do I need the food interactions mod as well?

    1. Yes, you still need icymunmuns recipes and food interactions to see her items. They are not included in this mod. They work together though.

  21. I'm sure if I understood right, but do I have to have Get to Work? Or is it ok with just Base Game? (I have Get Together, Seasons, Vampires, Backyard Stuff, Kids Room Stuff, Laundry Day Stuff and Vintage Glamour Stuff.)

    1. Yes, this mod requires Get to Work. As the "Baking" skill that all dessert items use now only comes with Get to Work.