Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul

Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul (SCCO) is a complete overhaul of all things cooking!
This mod changes all EA recipes to make them more realistic and immersive, expands EA recipes, adds custom recipes, and adds grocery shopping to your game!

I created this mod because I love cooking and wanted more from it in my gameplay.
In real life, you might not be able to afford a meal or need to shop before you can cook.
So now you have to in Sims as well!
Just be careful you don't stave...

Current Version of SCCO: 3.2.2

Main Mod Requires  

All other packs have optional files.

The mod requires "Get to Work" for the Baking skill, and baking assets. 
It also requires "City Living" due to vegetarian additions/changes to recipes.

Grocery Shopping & Ingredients

With SCCO you are now able to shop for groceries in your game!
This includes all EA herbs, fruit, fish, and veggies. 
As well as many new custom cooking ingredients added with SCCO.
NOTE: If you use Custom Harvestables by IceMunMun, Lenaid, KingZace, or BrazenLotus they will show up under their specific sort tag while shopping for groceries.

How to Buy Groceries:

All ingredients can be purchased from the "Shop For" menu on:
- Computer
- Phone
- Tablet
- Cash Register (*Get to Work)

Simply click on the "Shop For" interaction on any of the above to start shopping!
Your sims will interact with the object and then you will be prompted with a purchase menu.

 Items purchased from the Cash Register will be delivered to your Sims inventory.
Items purchased from the Phone/PC/Tablet will be delivered to your mailbox the following day.

Rabbit Hole Grocery Shopping

Do you want to order groceries but don't want to wait on them to be delivered in the mail?
No problem! You can now go shopping at a few different places... if they are open.

You can visit these new rabbit holes by clicking on your sim and selecting "Go Shopping".
You will then see the list of stores.
*NOTE: If a store is closed it will not be visible. 

Once your Sim leaves the lot they will be gone for 30m-1h then you will be prompted with the purchase menu for the shop you are visiting.

All items purchased at Rabbit Hole Shops will be found in the sims inventory.

There are 5 new Rabbit Hole stores:

  • Greenfield Grocery - [Open Mon. - Sun.] Buy Groceries/Drinks
  • Pugh's Flower Shop - [Open Mon. - Fri.] Buy Flowers
  • Wickerman's Fish Market - [Open Fri. - Sun.] Buy Fish
  • The Farmers Market - [Open Mon., Wed., Fri. - Sun.] Buy Herbs/Veggies/Fruit
  • Nyx at Night Occult Shop - [Open Mon. - Sun.] Buy Plasma Packs, Brooms, Wands.

Custom Packaged & Single Ingredients


SCCO adds many new cooking ingredients to the game. New ingredients are added all the time!

There are two types of new ingredients: Packaged & Single

Most ingredients are purchased in a "Packaged" form. 
This is so you have a nice presentation to display your groceries in your own retail store! 
Most ingredients also include 1 small slot on top so items can be stacked easily.

You will need to open the packaged ingredients before cooking
Each packaged items will give you 3-10 of the single ingredient once opened.
You can open packaged ingredients by clicking on them

Some "Single Ingredients" can be eaten directly. But be careful... 
Raw Items can make some Sims a little... sick... 

EA Recipes Overhauls and Changes

I have overhauled all EA recipes to make them require more realistic ingredients.
You will now need to use many different harvestables & ingredients to make a dish.

EA Recipe Ingredient Changes Doc - See all changes to recipes here. (Coming Soon)

NOTE: I will continue to make changes to all new EA recipes as they are released.

All Recipes for the following have been changed:

- Cooking
- Gourmet Cooking
- Baking
- Cupcake Machine
- Grilled Food
- Campfire (Outdoor Retreat)
- Grand Meals (Seasons)
- Ice Cream Machine (Cool Kitchen Stuff)
- Popcorn Machine (Movie Hangout Stuff)
- Coffee Maker
- Tea Maker
- Espresso Machine (Get Together)
- Fridge/Microwave Snacks
- BBQ Pit (Island Living)
- Mini-Fridge (Discover University)
- Cauldron (Realm of Magic)

Recipe Crafting Cost and Ingredient Costs

What is a crafting cost? Crafting cost is the price you pay to create the dish. Think of this as misc. ingredients your Sim might use to cook with that aren't required.

All serving sizes now have a set crafting cost:

This means if you have all of the "Required Ingredients" for a dish.
It will only cost you §5-§15 depending on the serving size you create.

You can craft most foods without the required ingredients, but this will cost you more.
You are charged an extra §3 if you do not have the "Required Ingredients"
So in total, you will end up paying the Crafting Cost + Ingredient Cost + §3

Crafting Costs by Serving Size (Small | Medium | Large):

Dessert As Baking

All desserts once found under cooking are now in the baking menu like they should be.
All cooking items in the baking section, have been moved to the cook menu.
All of the items that had a category change also now give skill gain for their new category.
(ie. Cakes that are in baking now give baking skill exp.)
All cakes/pies/cookies (desserts) require the Baking Skill, not Cooking Skill.

Additional Serving Sizes

All EA recipes now have a Small (1), Medium (4), and Large (8) serving size.
Including Desserts, Experimental Food, Market Stall Taste First Foods and more.
Ice cream now also has the default Large (8) carton size, and a Medium (4) pint size!

Expanded Recipes

Bake Cupcakes at Home
Before, you could only make cupcakes on the giant cupcake machine. Not any more!
You can now make all cupcakes (and other cupcake machine only items) at home in any oven!

Cook Pizza at Home
Before, you could only order pizza via delivery. Not any more!
You can now make all pizza's at home in any oven!

BBQ Pit for Grill
With Island Living we were given a new function item "BBQ Pit". 
But it doesn't exactly fit in every world. So I have expanded the recipes.
You can now make all BBQ Pit items on any grill!

Taste First Cookbooks

● Cookbook: Cultural Recipes - Teaches all City Living Taste First Foods
● Cookbook: Experimental Recipes - Teaches all Dine Out Taste First Foods
● Cookbook: Jungle Recipes - Teaches all Jungle Adventure Taste First Foods
● Cookbook: Seafood Recipes - Teaches all Cats & Dogs Taste First Foods
● Cookbook: Cafeteria Recipes - Teaches all Discover University Foods

You can purchase these cookbooks from any bookshelf under the "Buy Cookbooks" option.
They are each teach you every recipe for that game pack that is "taste first" locked.

But what are "Taste First Recipes"?

These are recipes that can only be learned by eating them.
You would have to go to the location that the recipe was sold and taste the dish before you were able to cook it at home.

The interaction menu on the bookshelf to "Read" will not work.

Cowplant Milking

Cowplant's have fresh milk!!

For those of you that raise cowplants, you will now be able to gather SCCO milk from them!

How to Gather:
1. Wait until your cowplant is mature, and offers you to "Eat Cake".
2. Once you "Eat Cake" successfully, you will be prompted with a new "Gather Fresh Milk" interaction.

*Note: Be warned, eating cake can result in your sim being eaten...

EA Tag Adjustments

What are Tag Adjustments?

Tag adjustments will allow you to be able to purchase harvestable items that EA did not tag as purchasable from a vendor.
Such as garlic, honey, and spice market spices.
It also fixes some EA double tags, where one item is tagged for both fruit and veggie.
As well as things showing up under incorrect tags, like spinach showing under flowers.

Full list of "Tag Changes" here.

Grocery Subscription Service

Who doesn't love a good subscription box?
 Just like real life, your sims can now set up a reoccurring subscription for all kinds of different food boxes!

There are 7 different Grocery Subscription Services:

  • Bakers Dozen - Contains items used in baking.
  • Butchers Block - Contains all meats.
  • Drink Crate - Contains different drinks.
  • Meal Time - Contains enough food for a family of 4.
  • Munchie Madness - Contains only snack items.
  • Vegetarian Haven - Contains tofu and veggies/fruits/herbs.
  • Plasma Night - Contains plasma packs.

Each subscription box has its own set price you are not charged for.
You are not charged until you open your subscription box once it is delivered to you.

Subscription boxes are delivered by mail every Monday! 

How to Start Service:
On any normal computer, there will be a new option called "Grocery Subscription Service".
Under this option, you will find all of the new box types.
Click on the box you want and then you will be prompted with another window with information about the box as well as the ability to cancel a box.

Every sim in your household can sign up for the subscription service individually.
All of the boxes that come in the mail will have the name of the sim that ordered them on the box.

*Note: Boxes must be opened in a Sim Inventory. 
They cannot be opened in the world, but they can be placed in the world.

You can have as many subscription services as you want to go at one time.

How to Cancel Service:
You can cancel your subscriptions at any time by going to the computer and selecting the "Cancel Subscription" option on the box type that you no longer want to be delivered.

If you received a box that you no longer want, there is an option to send the box back.

Harvestable Price Adjustments

All EA harvestables (fish, flowers, fruit, veggies, herbs) have had their prices adjusted.
They have all been lowered to around the same price as SCCO ingredients.

This is to make things more consistent and stop sims from being able to make tons of money from gardening.
Full list of Price Adjustments here.

SCCO Custom Food Menus:

Above are all of the menus found on the fridge and stove. The "Make Custom" menu however can be found on every object used to craft a drink or food item.

List of New Menus:
- Coffee*
- Tea*
- Espresso* 
- Ice Cream
- Popcorn
- Healthy Snacks*
- Junk Food Snacks* 
- Homestyle*
- Baking
- Gourmet
- Grand Meal
- Vampire Meal
- Alien Meal
- Mermaid Meal* 
- Vegetarian
- Grilled Food
- Microwaved Food
- Bar Drinks
- Globe Bar Drinks
- Campfire 
- Cauldron


Mod Compatibility Information

Compatible with all Icemunmun, KingZace, and BrazenLotus Harvestables

If you use any of their custom harvestables, they will be available for purchase under the grocery shopping menus in SCCO. If the creators above release a new harvestable, it will be added on the next official release of Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul.

Compatible with Custom Recipes

If you use either of the following mods that add custom recipes by new interactions:
Custom Food Interactions by TheFoodGroup 
(^ Needed if you use IceMunMun recipes. You do not need the script, just the .package files. 
If you do not have it you will get LE errors. If you are her patron, you can use her .ts4script files to have access to her new recipes before they are added to SCCO. This will cause you to have 2 sets of custom menus, hers and SCCO's.^)
Crafting Enabler by Andrew

All recipes by: 
have also been added to SCCO custom menus. 
(*recipes not included, you must download them individually.)

Recommended Mods To Use With SCCO

Transfer Inventory - By LittleMsSam
PlasticBox Teapot Update - By Zero

Not Compatible Mods

You can check a full list of mods not compatible with SCCO on my Discord!

● SrslySims Dessert as Baking
● SrslySims Order Groceries from Computer
● GreyCurse's Cooking Overhaul
● LittleMissSam More Experimental Foods
● LittleMissSam More Seafood Servings
● LittleMissSamMore Servings Options & Better MealTime Menus
● ScarletQueenCat No/All Required Recipe Ingredients
● Emilypl27's Bake Cupcake Machine Items in Oven
● ClaudiaSharon Cook Food Without Tasting It First
● Necrodog Kids Can Use The Stove Scripts
● Necrodog baking/home/gourmet cooking skills for kids
● Bienchen's More Fridge Snacks
● Bienchen's less autonomous espresso drinking
● K9DB More Drinks For Kids
● ChaosKitten666 No Free Food!

Or any mod that alters/overrides these tuning values:

Link here to SpreadSheet with all ID's and More Information

If you use any other mods for anything to do with changes to EA cooking, they are most likely not compatible with Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul.


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- Czech - Thanks to Xeria 
- Polish - Thanks to Czahri
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- Portugese BR - Thanks to Marshmallow Llamacorn
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How to Install

You can find a step by step guide HERE.


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