World Rename Tool

This mod allows you to rename all of the EA worlds to your own custom names. 

This is a MODDING RESOURCE, it is not meant to be used as-is. 
You will need to edit the file to your liking.

All of the worlds are currently named: WORLD NAME (Srsly)
This way you can be sure that the .package is working correctly.

The "World Rename Tool" will only work on NEW saves, you cannot change the names of previously created saves.

Special Thanks to OhMySims404 for the Original Mod.

I will continue to update this modding tool as new worlds are released.

How to Use:

1. Install Sims4Studio, not sure how? Check out my Tutorial!

2. Open up the .package file in Sims4Studio.

3. Click on the "String Table" for the language you are using.
Then on the right, you will see "Entries" then click "Edit Items".

4. A window will pop up where you will see the "Values" of all the Strings.
Here you can change the name of the world to what you want.
(NOTE: Do NOT change the "Key" hash numbers, these must remain the same.)

EA Key Hash Numbers & Names:

  • AE8A4AE5 - Willow Creek
  • 72841393 - Oasis Springs 
  • CD2ADFEB - Newcrest
  • 6B701F7D - Granite Falls
  • 0D10C688 - Windenburg
  • F3EB8BD9 - Magnolia Promenade
  • 2B5BF587 - San Myshuno
  • CCF4488D - Forgotten Hollow
  • D3B3F84E - Brindleton Bay
  • BAB88A54 - Selvadorada
  • BBA91FB0 - Del Sol Valley
  • 9BF02D88 - StrangerVille
  • FF9DD441 - Sulani
  • 63013609 - Glimmerbrook

5. Once you are done, click "Save" to close the "Editing Entries" window.

6. Click "Save" again in the bottom right of the screen, and you are done!
You can now place the edited .package file in your "Mods" folder and create your new world!

(NOTE: Once you have created your new world with its new names and have saved it, be sure to remove the .package file or any new world you create will be re-named too!)


  1. HOW?!?! You Always know what I am dreaming of! *big big grin* Yesterday I just thought: Wouldn't it be nice to Change the names of the Worlds … I could rename Camelot, Orkney Islands, Avalon … I thought I was only dreaming … WOW!

  2. Hi there: Thank you for your again gorgeous work, I love that! Now: Is there a way to combine the empty Worlds with renamed Worlds? That'd be of enormous interest! :)

    1. Sadly, the rename tool only works on new worlds. So you would have to create a new world and then manually delete all of the sims and lots.