Plan Career Outfit Mod

I was getting really tired of my sims wearing the same clothes to work every day so this mod fixes that.

There is now a "Plan Career Outfit" interaction on all dressers and closets from every pack.
6/23/2020 - You will now also find "Plan Career Outfit" on all mirrors!

This interaction will open up CAS for you to be able to change your work attire. Once you have changed your look simply save and your sim will wear that outfit the next time they go to work!

Note: Do not click on the clothing categories or it will take you to the normal CAS categories. You will have to leave CAS and re-enter the menu to be able to change your career outfit if this happens.

Script Mod - This mod contains .TS4Script files.
It does not conflict with any other mods.


  1. Does this mod can change/put make up on sim (or change hair), too?

    1. Yes, you can plan their hair/makeup for career as well!
      I would recommend doing that last though. Because once you leave the window with the outfits for career you cannot get back to it without going back into the menu.

    2. Thank you so much for the answer and this amazing mod! 😃


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