Lenaid Menu Expander 2.2

I have updated Lenaid Menu Expander to work with the most recent patch changes. Lenaid also has these new files and I will continue to update this mod as needed.
I have also made a few minor changes to help with compatibility with other mods.

Current Version is: 2.2

You can also download my update directly from Lenaid's Main Post.
or download it here. :)

I will continue to updates as needed for new packs that are released.

NOTE: This mod does not contain any recipes. You will need to download those separately from Lenaids Sims4Studio

What is New in my update:

  • Added XML for Island Living Conservationist Discount.
  • Added XML for Discover University Discount.
  • Fixed broken menus on Fridge.
  • Removed all EA object overrides, made snippets in their place.
  • Added all fridge menus to a nested pie menu called "Craft Lenaid Specialty".

I DO NOT provide support for Lenaid Recipes.

NOTE: Some of Leniads custom recipes for these menus are not currently working. If you find any issues please let him know on Sims4Studio.

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