Backup Up TS4 Files Using a .BAT File

In this guide I am going to walk you through how to create a .bat file to make backups of your important "The Sims 4" files.

Including Backing Up:
Tray Files

1. Open up "Notepad" or "Notepad ++".
2. Next copy the following into your new document.

3. Change "E:\Sims 4 Stuff\-- BACKUPS --\BATCH Backup" to location you want your backups.
4. [*OPTIONAL] If you want to back up your "Mods" folder. Add the following under the last echo for screenshots:

5. Go to "File" > "Save As" then name it something like "TS4Backup.bat" then change the "Save as File Type" to "All Files" (*See image)

[*NOTE: make sure to add the .bat to the end of the file name]

6. All done! Save it somewhere where you can use it each time you launch your game.