Bucktooth Vampy Teeth

This was a Patreon request, requested by Simminglugubrious.

Bucktooth Vampire Teeth for Humans, Vampires, Mermaids, and Aliens!

Disabled for Random
Found under the "Teeth" section of Create-a-Sim!

There are 3 .package files in the download, 
choose what you want!:

  • SrslySims_BG_Child_Teeth-BucktoohVampy
- For children, all occult types.
  • SrslySims_BG_Teen-Elder_Teeth-BucktoohVampy
- For Teen-Elders, all occult types.
  • SrslySims_GP04_Teen-Elder_Teeth-BucktoohVampy(No Humans)
- For Teen-Elder, All Alien/Mermaid/Vampire. Disabled for Humans.